I am proud to announce that Harry’s YellowPages, LLC is officially open for business. Yippie! Hooray!

Our flagship advertising site for ALL ENTREPRENEURS – 2021YellowPages.com – is accepting new advertisers (even though it is not 2021 yet).

Only $100 to advertise (Advertising membership expires December 31, 2021)

If you do advertise on 2021YellowPages.com, you will be a member of our “FOUNDING ADVERTISERS CLUB”.

The first major benefit to being a founding member is that you will be grandfathered in at the low advertising price of only $100 for all future years (2022, 2023, 2024, etc.)

Plus, you will receive special VIP TREATMENT for the entire life of our business. You will be the “first to know” and will help us make important decisions.


CLICK HERE TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS ON 2021YellowPages.com – only $100


This blog will be how I communicate with all my advertisers.

I have recently created 3 MUST READ WEBSITE PAGES that explain more about advertising on 2021YellowPages.com, but even more importantly about who we are as a company, our philosophy, who we see as our enemy in the business world, and actually teach you some business wisdom.

These are must read pages. Start with the HOME Page, then read the ABOUT page, and the the WEBSITES page.

After reading those pages you will know all about us, about me, and what we stand for. You will know the problems we see in the online advertising world and the solution we are bringing to the table.

Click the links below to read these very important pages:





We mostly will communicate with our advertisers via email but will use this blog to post important information from the following categories.

We will have a “NEWS” category (for posts like this one). We will have a “HOW TO” category where we will post important training material such as how to use our advertising platform 2021YellowPages.com.

Our directory site is very easy to use and you will be a pro at using it in about an hour.

And then we will have a “SECRET” category that will be hidden behind a password. This material is to be seen by our advertisers and not for public consumption. We will let you know about this secret material via email.

Exciting times ahead my friend.

2021YellowPages.com (our flagship site)

EntrepreneurYellowPages.com – Our Private Social Network – Mastermind Group – SECRET SOCIETY of ENTREPRENEURS – will officially launch on December 25, 2020. You get TOTAL and COMPLETE ACCESS to this group as a FREE BONUS when you advertise on 2021YellowPages.com.

HumanYellowPages.com will be our social network for ALL HUMANS to serve as an alternative solution to the evil site known as FACEBOOK.

Instead of selling advertising on our social network, and selling your personal information to everybody and their mother the way FACEBOOK does, we will operate under a different business model. We will charge a low yearly fee to be a member.

We have an Amazing Website coming in the future for authors.


You can read all about our book site by clicking the “WEBSITES” link above.

We hope to be the world leader in low-cost, super affordable, online advertising for entrepreneurs and individuals.

I look forward to going on this exciting and amazing journey with you.

Hope to see you on the inside of 2021YellowPages.com and our SECRET SOCIETY – EntrepreneurYellowPages.com – and hopefully one day in person.


Harry J.