Current Sites

Our official launch date of Harry’s YellowPages, LLC was October 14, 2020.

Currently we have one site – 2021YellowPages.com

The (current year)YellowPages.com will always be our flagship website.

It will be the most popular and most valuable for our business advertisers and website visitors.

Our goal is to add about 200,000 business advertisers to the site each year so that we reach 1 million advertisers by 2026YellowPages.com.

You can click the “Home” tab and “About” tab above to learn more about 2021YellowPages.com

Those 2 pages are a “MUST READ”.

The FREE BONUS for advertising on 2021YellowPages.com is to get TOTAL and COMPLETE ACCESS to our Private Social Network – Mastermind Group – Secret Society – EntrepreneurYellowPages.com

And you get it all for only $100

There is no need to pay $10,000, $25,000, or even $100,000 a year or more to become a member of a high-end business mastermind group.

It is available here and now without the high-end price.

And if you advertise on 2021YellowPages.com, our first website, you will be grandfathered in at the low investment of only $100 for all future years (2022, 2023, 2024, etc.)

You will be a member of our “FOUNDING ADVERTISERS CLUB” and will get special VIP treatment for the life of our business.

Click Here to Advertise on 2021YellowPages.com for only $100

Future Sites

We provide low-cost, super affordable online advertising for businesses and individuals.

As such, our entire business model is built on VOLUME.

Most of our websites will only cost $100 a year to advertise with us. We are the good people of the online advertising world.

I, Harry J. McKay, am the one who sets all prices for all of our websites.

I’m not a greedy person and could care less about becoming a billionaire.

I care more about serving people like yourself. If I treat you right by providing you with low-cost advertising that brings you a return-on-investment of your advertising dollars, or provide you with other sources of value that is worth more than $100 in your eyes, then I know you will treat me right and advertise with me each year without hesitation.

I don’t lie ever so I’ll have to be honest with you and tell you a little secret. I also love “sticking it” to the evil scumbags of the world who sell high-priced online advertising.

The big tech, and big social media companies, make me want to puke with how they treat their advertisers. They also share your personal data with everybody and their mother behind your back and without your knowledge.

They also sensor “TRUTHFUL” information if it doesn’t line up with their satanic agenda of making money at the expense and harm of others.

They are scum, pure and simple.

We need to combine our resources and fight back against such people. If we let them win then we become their slaves. I believe in FREEDOM and I’m sure you do as well.

I care less about making money and more about seeing evil in the world and bringing light into the darkness.

Can you do it with something like online advertising for entrepreneurs and individuals? Sure can. You can bring goodness and morality to anything. You just need to see evil and conquer it with love, which is often a solution that is more win-win for all parties involved.

I want to create the websites that become superior choices to the evil websites that billions of people are using. We can do it but I can’t do it alone.

Most people have no idea how far $10 a month can go for making positive change in the world. By yourself, you are not powerful. $120 a year isn’t going to change much of anything. However, combine your $10 a month with 10 million other people and now you have $1.2 billion dollars a year of power to enact change.

This is how you make it happen. It isn’t about you “becoming rich” and making things happen yourself. Most of us will never be billionaires and that’s OK. Doesn’t mean we can’t be powerful. It’s about having an idea so big that 10 million others want to join forces with you, and you make it happen together.

Want to be a powerful Christian? 10 million, $10 a month. You surely won’t be powerful giving all your tithe money to your local church. That’s how you stay powerless because most churches don’t have enough members, or financial resources to be powerful. Most can barely have impact on their local community let alone city, state, country, or world. To become a powerful Christian you have to think bigger than yourself and your local church.

Want to be a powerful Republican or Democrat? 10 million, $10 a month.

Think you could have some political impact if you had $1.2 billion dollars a year to spread your message and worldview?

Want to build hospitals where natural healthcare practitioners work alongside medical practitioners for the benefit of the patients instead of the current system of political Lies, Corruption, and BullCACA? A place where ALL people can be educated on TRUTH and cared for regardless of their financial ability to pay? 10 million, $10 a month.

This is my REAL AGENDA. To enable the good people of the world to combine their limited resources with enough others to become a POWERFUL and UNSTOPPABLE FORCE FOR GOOD.

It starts with you my friend. If you see evil being done by the wealthy elites of the world, it is up to you to stop using whatever they are offering you and find an alternative, and then let others know about it. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

You can’t defeat the billionaires who choose to be evil by yourself, but with millions of us working as one we surely can.

EntrepreneurYellowPages.com will be my first social network.  I do have another planned for ALL HUMANS…

HumanYellowPages.com will be one of our most popular sites because it will be an alternative to evil sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and others. Trust me my friend, if you knew the truth about what they actually do behind the scenes you wouldn’t want to use those sites.

Remember, what appears to be “FREE” isn’t really free and if you knew the truth you would gladly pay $10 a year for an alternative way to connect with your family, friends, and others.

Harry’s YellowPages cannot launch a new website until we have 10,000 advertisers interested. In other words, we need to have at least $1 million dollars of revenue for each site to pay all the bills and have some profit left over for future expansion.

We will never launch and “hope we are successful”. We know we will be successful BEFORE we launch. Dumb business is creating something and hoping you get customers. Smart business is selling first, then creating.

We will develop “PRE-LAUNCH” email lists for our various websites.

When the email list reaches 10,000 then and only then will we launch a new website.

 We have over a hundred advertising websites planned for the future.

2021YellowPages.com and EntrepreneurYellowPages.com should be enough to keep you busy for a little while.

I will share this with you. This will really show you the difference between doing business with good people versus doing business with evil people.

I dislike Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com a lot. One of the evil billionaires in my opinion.

He started with books and so I’m going after him with BookYellowPages.com – a site where book readers will purchase books directly from the authors who write them, instead of giving their money to billionaires like Jeff Bezos.

Cost to advertise will only be $100 a year. I won’t be charging $100 a year per book – even though I could do that for some quality control purposes.

After all, if you can’t sell more than $100 a year of your book there is something wrong with you, your book, or the marketing behind the book. Charging per book could be a way for me to keep the bad books off of the websites.

I would assume that somebody wouldn’t keep advertising their books for $100 a year if it didn’t bring them more than $100 a year, and removing them from the site would keep some quality to the site.


I’m a good guy, a moral guy. As such, I feel that the right thing to do is not to charge per book but to charge per author. So, if you are the author of a dozen books, you can advertise all of your books for only $100 a year. AWESOME!

Now, you might only need to sell a single copy of your book EACH YEAR to pay your small advertising cost. Got 10 books, sell them for $10 each, only sell one copy per year to make $100. If you can’t sell one copy per year of your book then may God have mercy on your soul (just kidding).

The one difference (among many) between me and Jeff – advertise on my sites and you always get to keep 100% of the money and don’t have to give me, the platform owner, a single penny when you sell your books.

Billionaire Jeff charges different prices to authors for providing the exact same service because he charges and keeps a percentage of your selling price.

In other words, he punishes authors and book publishers based on the price of their books. It doesn’t cost Jeff a single penny more to deliver a high-priced kindle book than a low-priced kindle book (because it is an automated process) but the cost to the author or publisher is different. Pure evil at work.

The price that authors charge for their books is a marketing decision and varies who the target market is, as well as what media is available to reach that target audience. Authors shouldn’t have to pay more to Jeff simply because they choose to sell at higher prices than other authors.

Jeff provides a service to authors and if he was a good guy he would charge the same price to all authors for providing that service.

This works like RACISM in the real world. There is a reason why we have laws that say you can’t discriminate against people because of the color of the skin (that they happen to be born with).

Nobody controls the color of the skin and nobody has chosen the color of their skin, and that is why you don’t discriminate against others based on the color of their skin. It makes you look like an uneducated moron who has no common sense.

I won’t call Jeff a racist but I will call him a DISCRIMINATOR –  he discriminates against authors, and other entrepreneurs, based on the prices they charge for their products and services. And that is wrong in my opinion.

 As I mentioned above, what appears to be “FREE” isn’t free. If you don’t sell many books, Amazon.com and Jeff are worthless to you anyway. If you do sell many books there you get punished for doing so because Jeff will take a big chunk of your earnings.

This is why an advertising platform where you pay a small investment, and keep 100% of the money, is a better option than advertising for free and giving up half of your earnings.

Think about that. Give up half of your earnings to advertise for FREE. Does that sound FREE to you?

Jeff wants ebook titles priced between $2.99 cents and $9.99 – not to serve you the author – but to maximize revenue for himself. He punishes authors who choose to sell outside of this price range by lowering their royalty rate.

Do you currently sell your books for less than $10? STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!

You will never get respect by putting such low value on your knowledge. Place low value on your knowledge and people put a low value on YOU. This repels people instead of attracting them to you.

Who gets more respect? The person who has a $10,000 seminar or the person selling kindle books for 99 cents? I rest my case. Value yourself and your work.

And don’t think you can’t sell high-priced books. Business and marketing expert Jay Abraham once sold 72,000 copies of a book for $377 a copy. Do the math. Jay gets respect, most authors do not.

The name of the book? Money-Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and other Marketing Wizards. Jay’s famous “Mr. X” book.

I don’t know if Jeff Bezos worships satan in his spare time or not but it sure would seem so based on how he conducts himself in the business world.

We can do better, and I can help you better than Jeff. I just need 100,000 authors to agree with me and we will be a real force for good in the book industry.

Plus, book buyers would rather give the money to the authors who write the books anyway, instead of buying on Amazon and making Jeff richer. Our website BookYellowPages.com will give book buyers that option.

Stay tuned my author friends…

Harry J.