What We Do

Harry’s YellowPages, LLC provides low-cost online advertising to businesses and individuals.

Our flagship website (and most popular) will always be the (current year)yellowpages.com. This year it is 2021YellowPages.com :o)

Cost to advertise on our flagship site is only $100, with an amazing bonus that is truly priceless so we can’t even put a value on it. All that we do know is that is worth WAY MORE than the small investment of $100.

The free bonus is our Private Social Network (Mastermind Group) – EntrepreneurYellowPages.com (official launch date – DECEMBER 25, 2020)

Why We Do It – Our Philosophy

Most Entrepreneurs are educated in their business category or industry but are not educated on marketing and selling.

That’s where we come in.

We feel that other directory sites may offer you something for free but it always comes with a catch. They are really trying to get you to spend thousands of dollars every year with them, or even thousands of dollars each month.

They usually do this by selling you all kinds of “upgrades” which should be included without the extra cost, or worst of all they sell you on their “PPC – pay per click” advertising.

PPC advertising is how all the big companies make their money because it is how they take advantage of entrepreneurs.

One such company is Yelp.com

The ironic, and sad, part about Yelp is that they are a directory site where businesses can list their company and consumers can leave reviews of such businesses, but it is Yelp itself that has some of the worst reviews on the entire internet.

I won’t get into it here but let’s just say the horror stories of entrepreneurs who were taken advantage by Yelp, and other companies like them, are too numerous to count.

Overcharging customers, charging after people have canceled, very aggressive phone salespeople harassing people day and night, etc.

It’s all disgusting tactics used by disgusting people (in our opinion).

Some might think that Yelp is a competitor to 2021YellowPages.com but we don’t feel that way at all.

To be a true competitor means that you offer the same thing and are competing for customers. We offer something better than Yelp at a much lower investment than Yelp. Yelp is trying to get thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH from entrepreneurs. We provide BIG VALUE for only $100 a year.

We hope to make Yelp irrelevant, as well as Google, Yahoo, and others that offer directory listings to entrepreneurs – often for free to “begin” but always with a sinister agenda lurking in the background and behind the scenes.

They know that most entrepreneurs are uneducated when it comes to online advertising and so they take advantage of those entrepreneurs.

Fact – Most Entrepreneurs will lose the shirt on their backs when they enter the world of online advertising.

Advertising online takes a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill. Most entrepreneurs have not invested the money or time to acquire that knowledge and skill.

Evil people exist in this world and those evil people are often the ones who own big tech companies and sell advertising.

They sell to the uneducated and take advantage of the uneducated.

We are different.

We are separated from such companies in several ways:

1. We don’t sell expensive advertising, such as PPC advertising, and never will.

We don’t believe in charging high prices for advertising, knowing that 99% of advertisers will lose money due to their lack of knowledge and skill.

2. We educate our entrepreneur advertisers. We do this by setting up Mastermind Groups – Private Social Networks – so that entrepreneurs can learn from each other, learn from us, and learn from our hand-picked business experts.

The other companies want you to stay dumb because that is how they rob you when it comes to advertising online.

3. We are honest, ethical, and moral people. We do business differently. We wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we took advantage of people the way that all the big tech advertising and social media companies do.

We believe that the best advertising is “results based advertising”. Spend money on marketing AFTER you make money. Be willing to share the wealth with others if somebody brings you a new customer.

Online this is called affiliate marketing (commissioned sales for online merchants), but the same concept applies if using resellers, distributorships, dealers, Joint Venture Partners, Host-Beneficiary Relationships, etc.

Be willing to spend 100% of the profit to acquire a new customer if you can do so.

Make your profit on the back-end (additional and future sales) to the same customer.

Of course we also believe in advertising that is so low-cost, so affordable, that it is very easy to get a return-on-investment of your advertising dollars. We sell such advertising.

This brings me to…



The 7 Sources of Value when you choose to advertise with Harry’s YellowPages, LLC.

1. Direct Return on Investment of Advertising Dollars. Not only from first time customers but also from each and every future purchase from that same customer. One customer may pay for years, or even decades, of advertising with us.

Hint – the reason is because we only charge $100 a year to advertise on our flagship website.

2. Ability to learn directly from me, Harry J. McKay. I own a massive multi-million dollar business library. I own more $1,000-2,000 courses and high-priced seminars than I can count. Can’t wait to share some of my library and wisdom with you.

3. Ability to learn from the business and marketing experts that I introduce you to. I and my team will interview smart people for your benefit.

I know you don’t want to pay $5,000 or $10,000 to access the brain of an expert.

Let me pay for you.

I will always put money aside each month for this purpose. I pay the experts so you don’t have to.

Many entrepreneurs working together as a TEAM is what makes this possible.

The power of leverage at work.

Your investment – only $100 a year.

4. Ability to learn from other entrepreneurs just like you inside our Private Social Network (Mastermind Group) – EntrepreneurYellowPages.com

We will study and reverse engineer the successful marketing campaigns of others.

Business ownership does not have to be a lonely endeavor. Many smart people will have your back inside of this special “SECRET SOCIETY.”

5. Experience the joy, fulfillment, and happiness that comes from sharing your wisdom, knowledge, and advice with others.

Plus, you may pick up an additional revenue stream when others start seeing you as an expert on a particular topic(s).

6. Meet and form friendships with AWESOME PEOPLE.

Most of our family, friends, neighbors, church members, etc., are not entrepreneurs. They don’t understand what we go through on a daily basis but other entrepreneurs surely do.

Nobody wants to feel alone, or feel like there is nobody around to help them when they get stuck.

Feel good, feel confident, and put your mind at ease knowing that there will be many smart people in your corner to help when you need it.

Relationships are what life is all about and there will be plenty of opportunity to form and develop them here.

7. GROUP BUYING POWER. We are building a community of entrepreneurs.

Many of these entrepreneurs sell to other entrepreneurs as their core business.

We will be able to save a lot of money when we use the power of “group buying” when making purchases from such entrepreneurs.

I am highly confident that I will be able to save each and every entrepreneur more money each and every year than the small investment ($100) that you paid to advertise with me.

This concept of group buying power gets totally ignored by all the big social networks because they don’t care about saving you money.

Their goal is to give consumers something for free while selling high-priced advertising to entrepreneurs. Saving you, and other entrepreneurs, money is the last thing on their mind. They want money for themselves!

This concept won’t be ignored here at Harry’s YellowPages.

I can’t wait to build a massive catalog of items for my entrepreneur advertisers and get you 50-90% discounts on everything in the catalog.

If you sell to other entrepreneurs I may be able to bring you thousands of new customers but I will expect that kind of discount on pricing for doing so.

Plus, you can always make your profit on additional sales to the customers you pick up here.

All entrepreneurs develop customer acquisition products, commonly known as the front-end of a business. Smart entrepreneurs are willing to give up the front-end profit to acquire new customers. In other words, they share the wealth with others who can bring them new customers.

They will earn their profit from the back-end (additional and future sales) from their customers.

Plus, doing business this way enables you to build a large list of customers, and any entrepreneur with a large list of customers will never go hungry.

I do it myself. I am willing to pay others $80 of a $100 sale if they will promote my flagship website for me. I will earn my profit on future years, additional advertising websites, as well as any products or services I may offer my advertising customers.

Don’t be greedy my friend. Share the wealth on the front-end and greater wealth will find you on the back-end.

Are these 7 sources of value worth the small investment of $100 to you?

Did I provide you with more than $100 of value in your eyes?

If so, advertise with me every year without hesitation.

I don’t believe that advertising with me is the only advertising that entrepreneurs should do. Every entrepreneur needs to and better be investing more than $100 into their marketing campaigns each year.

I do believe that (current year)YellowPages.com should be THE FIRST PLACE YOU CHOOSE TO ADVERTISE EACH YEAR.

Why? So low-cost and affordable that the investment is almost FREE. The ability to become a member of our Mastermind Group – Private Social Network – Secret Society – EntrepreneurYellowPages.com, and these other sources of value.

I think that deserves an “Amen” and a “BooYah!”



Do you currently sell your products on a platform such as Amazon.com (or others)?

One of the major reasons why I chose to start Harry’s YellowPages, LLC was to serve you and offer you a better option.

The OLD WAY of selling was to advertise on such a platform, usually for free, and then pay the platform owner 30-70% of the money when a purchase is made for one of your products.

Selling via a platform is smart business.

Most people who want to sell online will fail at doing so for one major reason – Website Traffic (Visitors).

They just can’t get enough eyeballs looking at what they have to sell, usually because they have a limited advertising budget, and sometimes just a lack of knowledge on how to get others to “take a look” at what they are selling.

So, I can’t blame anyone for wanting website traffic, or feeling like they stand a better chance of getting more visitors to their offers by listing their products for sale on a platform like Amazon.com

I too want you to sell via a platform and receive greater website traffic than you could get on your own.

But, I want to do it for YOUR BENEFIT, NOT MINE.

I don’t want you to give up 30-70% of the money to me, the platform creator.

I want you to keep 100% of the money for yourself.

The NEW WAY, the 21st century way, is to setup your own website online (which is easy to do), but instead of being responsible for driving ALL the traffic to your offers yourself, you WORK AS A TEAM WITH OTHER ENTREPRENEURS.

You list your products and services for sale on a platform such as 2021YellowPages.com, and this becomes a way to drive traffic to your own website.

The new way is to pay a small advertising fee (such as $100) and then keep 100% of the money for yourself.

It’s a better business model FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

Don’t be taken advantage of (in my opinion) by people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com. You too can store your own inventory, ship products, and collect the money from customers in an ecommerce transaction. Those are easy things to do and anybody can do them.

If if you don’t know how to do them there will be plenty of people inside our Mastermind Group who do know how.

And learning how to do them is worth it if you get to keep 100% of the money instead of giving up half of your earnings to billionaires.

Entrepreneurs who choose to list their products on Amazon are the ones who make Amazon a valuable site.

It is the creation of a valuable site that creates website traffic.

We too can create such a site and enable ALL ENTREPRENEURS to keep 100% of the money for themselves.

We just need to have a lot of advertisers so that the consumers and buyers of the world shop on our site.

2021YellowPages.com is not an ECOMMERCE TRANSACTION site. I don’t and won’t “collect the money for you” and pay you later.

It is an ADVERTISING PLATFORM ONLY, just like advertising with newspapers, magazines, radio, or TV.

But with one big difference – this is online advertising. As such, you can update your advertising as often as you like.

¬†This isn’t the old school 1,000 pages think “Printed YellowPages Phone Book” that your grandma used to use where your advertisement was stuck there for an entire year without any updates or changes. (And those full-page ads used to cost thousands of dollars each year. And now you get something better for the small investment of only $100).

Create a new offer? Update Your Listing! Running a special promotion and offering a deal, discount, or coupon? Update Your Listing!

The actual exchange of money will take place on your personal website, or by mail, phone, email, fax, or however you choose to collect money from customers.

You don’t have to have a great deal of “technical skills” to accept money from people online. This is all very easy to do today. I (and other business advertisers) are here to show you the way. We’ll put you in our pockets, and adopt the attitude that you are in our hands, our care. That’s a promise!

That’s the new way and model of listing your products on a platform and Harry’s YellowPages, LLC was the first to share it with the world, and hopefully will become the world leader at doing so with our flagship site each and every year.

Advertise Your Business on 2021YellowPages.com for only $100