Would you use any of these words to describe yourself…


Internet Marketer

Information Marketer – author, coach, speaker, online course creator, etc.

Network Marketer


Home-Based Entrepreneur

Real Estate Agent or Broker

Seller of REAL ESTATE rentals – AirBNB, HomeAway, FlipKey, VRBO, etc.

Service Provider – Professional, Local, or Home


Owner of an Ecommerce Store – WooCommerce, Shopify, and others

MARKETPLACE SELLER – Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

Restaurant Owner

Church (or Religious Group)

Doctor (or part of the Health + Medical Industry)

School (or part of the Education Industry)

Hotel – Motel (or part of the Travel Industry)


__________________________________     (INSERT ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS OWNER or BUSINESS CATEGORY HERE :o)

Like Learning from other Entrepreneurs?

Tired of paying $10,000, $25,000, or MORE each and every year to be part of a business MASTERMIND GROUP?

Can’t afford to pay that amount?

Would you rather learn from thousands of entrepreneurs just like you instead of some “smarter than thou” guru and the top 1% of their customers who can afford to be in such a group?

Ready to take your marketing, sales, and other business knowledge to the next level?

If so, you are going to love what I’m about to share with you :o)

And you can take a deep breath, relax, and let the good times roll.

Why? Because the BEST PART is the PRICE. Yes, so low, so affordable, that any and every entrepreneur can afford it.

What is it?

Drum roll please…



ALL ENTREPRENEURS should be doing 2 very important things:

1. They need to advertise their business. You can’t be profitable if you are invisible.

2. They need to learn from and hang out with other entrepreneurs so that they can become better and smarter entrepreneurs. Building a business by yourself is what dumb entrepreneurs do. Don’t be a dummy! This is often done via a BUSINESS MASTERMIND GROUP.


THE AMAZING and AFFORDABLE OFFER that allows you to do both…

Hope it is no longer CoronaVirus season and you can find some toilet paper because THIS OFFER MAY MAKE YOU SOIL YOUR UNDERWEAR!!!


Advertise Your Business on our FLAGSHIP WEBSITE2021YellowPages.com – and you will receive TOTAL and COMPLETE ACCESS to our Private Social Network (Mastermind Group)EntrepreneurYellowPages.com – as a FREE BONUS.

And the investment?

Only $100

And if you advertise your business on 2021YellowPages.com, you will be grandfathered in at the low advertising price of only $100 for all future years (2022, 2023, 2024, etc.)

That deserves an “Amen” and a “BooYah!”

WHAT CAN BUSINESS ADVERTISERS DO ON 2021YellowPages.com – for only $100?

– Add important Business Details – Name, Address, Phone Number

– Link to YOUR WEBSITE(s)

– Create an ABOUT ME profile


– Let Customers Shop – Post Your Products (or Services), Coupons, and Classified Ads

– ADD AMAZING CONTENT – Articles, Photos, Audios + Videos (Educate, Entertain, and SELL!!!)

– Looking to Hire? POST YOUR JOBS


– GOT REAL ESTATE? List ALL of your Properties – YES, ALL OF THEM

WHAT CAN WEBSITE EXPLORERS (users/visitors) DO ON 2021YellowPages.com – for FREE?

– Add Your Name and other Contact Details (if desired)

– Upload Your Photo

– Create an ABOUT ME profile

– Ability to leave REVIEWS of Businesses 


2021YellowPages.com is much more than a directory site – it is an online community to learn, shop, and form relationships with entrepreneurs and the customers, clients, or patients of those entrepreneurs.

Plus, our Mastermind Group – EntrepreneurYellowPages.com – brings many benefits – and you don’t have to pay $10,000 or more each year to get those benefits? Just a small investment of only $100.

Receive HOW-TO TRAINING from ENTREPRENEURS just like you. The knowledge you bring to our community is just as important as the knowledge you take from our community.

Let’s create the  largest group of entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. How does an online community of one million entrepreneurs working together to achieve individual goals sound to you?

Anybody can become POWERFUL (or at least more powerful than they currently are) if they can access the financial and intellectual resources of a large group of people.

A Mastermind Group of Entrepreneurs brings you closer to that power. Be strong knowing that others got your back instead of feeling weak all alone. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor but it doesn’t need to be.

We can do it! I’ve done my part by not putting a financial wall up that only a few entrepreneurs can climb over. EVERY ENTREPRENEUR can afford to join our community. Heck, pimple-faced teenagers who press the “Happy Meal” buttons at their local McDonald’s restaurant can afford it.

I’ve got a very detailed plan to find one million entrepreneurs to join us but I need all the help I can get. (See reseller opportunity at the end of this message)

And if I earn a great living by creating this community so be it. You won’t find me apologizing for earning money by doing good and creating something awesome.

Money is not the reason why I do what I do. I do what I do for a much higher purpose than money, a man-made creation.

Money pays the bills, gives you some choices and options in life, allows you to be a blessing to others, and enables you to own some stuff (which will all be given away upon your death). Money is a tool to get things done. Money makes you more of what you already are. This is all money does. It is not something to be chased or pursued at the cost of your health and relationships.

I do what I do because the entrepreneurial world needs this community right now. This coronavirus craziness of 2020 has devastated many entrepreneurs, and left tens of millions here in America on the unemployment line.

We can argue among ourselves as to whether we think the virus was a man-made scam but one thing I think we entrepreneurs can all agree on is that the governments response to the virus has been a TOTAL SCAM. Governments use war, acts of terrorism, and pandemics to take our freedoms away. For our own good they say. HorseCACA!

To use a pandemic to shut down businesses is shameful and every politician should be ashamed.

To insult every American with a $1,200 check, while leaving us barely able to pay our mortgages or rent, or put food on the table, is an intellectual embarrassment to the world, as well as being a pure “ACT OF EVIL” in my opinion.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who run the world, not politicians (even though they think they do).

I am but one person as I write this message, and am limited by own personal resources, but perhaps someday soon WE will be one million strong.

EntrepreneurYellowPages.com will be one of my biggest contributions to the world and I don’t take my contributions to the world lightly.

I hope you will join me and instead of this being “my mission” I hope it can be “our mission”.

To learn and grow from the wisdom we share with each other, and to give entrepreneurs an AFFORDABLE online advertising platform where they can share their products and services with the world.

And instead of giving billionaires like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com a huge chunk of their money to sell on his platform, I think entrepreneurs should keep 100% of the money.

The old model was to advertise for free and then give up 30-70% of the money to people like Bezos when a purchase was made.

The new model is to advertise on a platform like 2021YellowPages.com for a very small investment, and then keep 100% of the money for yourself.

Are you going to care if I “take $100” from you if I help you earn more than that small amount? Of course not. You probably will say, “Harry is a swell guy.”

You wouldn’t say that when I take half of all the money you earn. Jeff Bezos and Amazon have destroyed local businesses all around the world. Going to my local shopping mall isn’t worth the trouble because it is empty. It’s time we combine our resources and fight back against people like Bezos. He offers “nothing” that we can’t create ourselves, it just might take a million of us working as one to do so.

If you currently sell on a platform like Amazon, would you consider yourself to be successful doing it? Would you like to keep the money instead of giving it to Jeff?

Can you think of a few things you would do with the money if you didn’t have to give up so much of it to people like Jeff?

You just need to be willing to create a website for yourself (which is easy), and ship products if you are in the physical product business. Stop giving up a huge chunk of your money for being lazy. Anybody can create a website and anybody can ship a product.

Selling via a platform helps you to get website traffic that should be greater than what you could get on your own. That’s smart business. Giving up a huge percentage of your profits to the platform owner is dumb business. I, Harry J. McKay, am trying to give you the option to do smart business.

Sell via a platform like 2021YellowPages.com, get website traffic that is greater than you could get on your own (usually due to a limited advertising budget), and then keep 100% of the money instead of giving a huge chunk of your earnings to billionaires. Make sense?

People who sell on platforms have a big misunderstanding on how website traffic is created. They think people like Jeff Bezos create the traffic, perhaps with his TV ads, delivery vans, shipping boxes with the Amazon logo on them, etc.

They are wrong! Website traffic is created because of the entrepreneurs who choose to sell on Amazon, and make Amazon a valuable site. Any website with hundreds of millions of products for sale is going to get website traffic. It is the entrepreneurs who sell there who make it valuable and therefore it is those entrepreneurs who create the traffic.

Richest guy in the world Jeff does only 3 things: (1) inventory products, (2) Ship products, and (3) Collects the money in an ecommerce transaction.

Trust me, we can do all 3 ourselves and keep 100% of the money by working together and using an advertising platform like 2021YellowPages.com (and 2022, 2023, 2024, etc.)

Trust me again, if 2021YellowPages.com had hundreds of millions of products listed for sale on it the word would get around and we too would have so much website traffic you would do cartwheels and backflips down the street in celebration.

Now, many of you don’t sell on Amazon and are looking for a place to advertise your business. Great. I just needed to educate those who do sell on platforms like Amazon about the old way of doing things versus the new and better way of doing things.

I also needed to teach ALL OF YOU about how website traffic is created. You first have to create a valuable site and then the traffic (website visitors) comes.

You can’t say, “I will advertise with Harry’s YellowPages when it has millions of website visitors”. It will never have millions of website visitors if everybody took that wrong attitude.

You first have to build something of value and then the traffic will come. We need lots of advertisers on the site. These advertisers promote their products and services, as well as add valuable content in the form of articles, photos, audios, and videos. This creates a valuable site for consumers. Have a valuable site and website visitors will come because we will let the world know about the site, and we will do it TOGETHER. Make sense?

Did I forget to mention that it is only $100 to do all of this?

And to get TOTAL AND COMPLETE ACCESS to a business mastermind group like EntrepreneurYellowPages.com for that small investment on top of being able to advertise on 2021YellowPages.com should be a no-brainer decision for you.

When you pay big bucks to a member of a mastermind group, sometimes it is worth the investment, sometimes not.

When you pay only $100 there is no “sometimes”. It is worth it ALL the time and EVERY time.

Why pay big bucks to ACCESS the brains of a small group of people – often 20 members or less when you can ACCESS the MIND POWER of thousands of entrepreneurs (and perhaps a million or more entrepreneurs – YES, it is possible if we work together to make it happen)?

Plus, sharing your brain allows you to experience the personal fulfillment of making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Competition is ancient history, an illusion, and faulty mindset. The future of business is COLLABORATION, PARTNERSHIPS, JOINT VENTURES, and CO-CREATION.

Share your wisdom lovingly and freely my friend and I guarantee you will reap positive rewards for doing so.


And SADLY, most entrepreneurs flat out STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN when it comes to marketing.

It doesn’t need to be that way my fellow Entrepreneur.

Join TODAY and we will create an OFFLINE and ONLINE MARKETING PLAYBOOK for YOUR BUSINESS. We won’t do it because I’m so smart (even if that is true) but rather because we can become VERY SMART working TOGETHER.

If and when you WIN AT BUSINESS it is never done alone. It is always done TOGETHER – with a team of employees, independent contractors, and with others (vendors, distributors, resellers, your customers, and YES – even with your perceived competition).

This advertising platform, 2021YellowPages.com, and our Private Social Network/Mastermind Group, EntrepreneurYellowPages.com, exist for one reason and one reason only – to increase the odds that you will find the business and life success you are searching for, or at minimum bring you greater results than you could achieve on your own.

I’ve made the investment so low, so affordable, at only $100 that it should be a no-brainer decision for any “profit-minded ready to learn and grow” entrepreneur.

The (Current Year)YellowPages.com will always be our flagship site. We plan on being here each and every year for many decades to come for our entrepreneur advertisers and website users.

When you do business with us you are doing business with honest, ethical, and dare I say it, “MORAL PEOPLE” – so we guarantee that you will always be treated right and with respect. All that we ask is that you practice the Golden Rule and do unto us as you would like done unto you.

Be loving and patient with us at all times. We would never purposely try to harm you or not serve you in the highest capacity that we are capable of. If you are ever having issues with us it is simply because of our limited resources at the moment, and not because we have “666” tattoos on our bodies.

Can’t wait to meet you on the inside of 2021YellowPages.com, and our mastermind group EntrepreneurYellowPages.com, and hopefully one day in person.

Much LOVE to you and yours. I welcome you to THE FAMILY…




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ReSeller Opportunity

Do you have a customer list or email list of entrepreneurs?

Our advertising website 2021YellowPages.com, and our private social network (mastermind group) EntrepreneurYellowPages.com, may be a low-cost offer for a $100 investment but it will be a very high converting offer

Reseller opportunities are often superior to affiliate marketing opportunities because you get to keep 100% of the money. In essence, the product becomes part of your product catalog. Many are attracted to affiliate opportunities because they are usually free to signup and then you earn an agreed upon percentage as your commission when you make a sale.

A better choice is a reseller opportunity where you make a small investment upfront but you get to keep 100% of the money instead of splitting or sharing it with the product owner.

Usually reseller opportunities sell for 5X, 10X, and sometimes more of the retail price of the offer. In other words, you would have to make 5 sales, 10 sales, or more just to get your investment back.

I’m doing something a little crazy and daring with this amazing offer.

Pay $97 one time and you get the resell rights to sell the offer (2021YellowPages.com + EntrepreneurYellowPages.com) for $100 and keep 100% of the money = AWESOME SAUCE!

Just one sale and you are already in the PROFIT ZONE.

Click Here to become an AUTHORIZED RESELLER for 2021YellowPages.com today!

Reseller Tools will be provided to you and since I’m a nice guy I even allow you to create your own reseller tools – and not only use them to make sales for yourself but also to offer them to other resellers for free or for a fee (not to exceed $100). Just read the information on this home page and you will be able to create your own email swipes, video or audio sales messages, and even banner ads. We will work as a team to create as many reseller tools as we can.

Your RESELL RIGHTS will expire December 31, 2021. And then I will create a new reseller opportunity for 2022YellowPages.com. Most likely it will not be $97 in future years but it is only $97 for our first year.

The offer:

2021YellowPages.com (Advertising Membership – expires December 31, 2021) + EntrepreneurYellowPages.com (Private Social Network – Mastermind Group)

Current Payout for Resellers – $100 of a $100 sale (That deserves another “Amen” and a “Booyah”)


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