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Harry J. McKay here…

Congratulations on becoming an AUTHORIZED RESELLER for 2023YellowPages.com + EntrepreneurYellowPages.com.

Your $187.77 purchase enables you to resell our advertising platform and our private social network (mastermind group) for $97.77 and keep 100% of the money = AWESOME SAUCE!

Just two sales and you are already in the profit zone.

Because 2023YellowPages.com is our first website, and first year to offer affordable online advertising to entrepreneurs, I had to do something a little crazy and daring with my marketing strategy.

This reseller opportunity is that daring marketing strategy. More than likely the only revenue I will have will be from this reseller opportunity because my resellers will be the ones who earn the advertising revenue.

And that’s OK as long as I can earn enough revenue to pay the bills and provide the necessary customer support to our entrepreneur advertisers.

Before you start selling I need to first go over…


The Rules

1. Read and understand the reseller agreement. The rules here are in addition to the rules found inside the reseller agreement. Resellers must agree to both.

2. You have been granted RESELL rights to sell this offer for $97.77. Resellers should sell this offer for $97.77. Resellers may add any bonuses to this offer in order to make a sale. You may also give this offer away for FREE as a bonus if your customer is making any purchase greater than $97.77.

3. Resellers are permitted to create their own reseller tools as long as the sales message in those tools is in agreement with the sales message created by Harry’s YellowPages, LLC. Resellers can also make their reseller tools available for free to other resellers or may charge a fee not to exceed $100 to other resellers. Instructions have been provided via email on how to do so.

4. Resellers must of course follow the advertising laws of the country in which they live (and perhaps the laws of countries in which you do not live).

5. Resellers are permitted to sell this offer ONLY on domains and websites that they own. They are also not permitted to sell this offer on domains and websites that they own if they are using some third party payment processor in which a marketplace is available (such as Clickbank.com, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, etc.). You cannot sell this offer on Ebay, or Amazon, or any other marketplace website. You must sell this offer on your own website using your own payment processor. These rules are in place so that resellers aren’t competing against one another on such sites. The offer should be sold as “2023YellowPages.com (advertising expires December 31, 2023) + EntrepreneurYellowPages.com (mastermind group)”.

6. Understand that this reseller opportunity has been created to reach the entrepreneurs of the world in order to serve them. Therefore, no reseller should lie, or make false claims of any kind, in order to make a sale. Never represent yourself as the owner of 2023YellowPages.com or EntrepreneurYellowPages.com. Always state in all of your marketing and advertisements that you are an “AUTHORIZED RESELLER of 2023YellowPages.com”.

7. HAVE FUN. Learn and study what other resellers are doing to make sales. You only have $97.77 to work with so engage in all advertising that enables you to acquire customers for less than $97.77 so that you can make a profit. Make that first sale and earn your investment back and then make more sales to create an additional revenue stream for yourself.

Any reseller caught violating these rules or the terms found in the reseller agreement will be banned immediately without hesitation, and will not be eligible for reinstatement.




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